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Your brand is not just your logo or some catchy slogan that your company uses. It is your point of differetiation - what makes you unique among competitors and thus more attractive to your customers. Magical Concepts offers integrated services to incorporate multiple touch points of your company to positively influence the perceptions of your brand and ultimately build capability to achieve your goals.
Magical Concepts has created and strengthened a variety of brands through customised brand management services which include Corporate branding, brand re-positioning, de-positioning, brand orientation and rationalization.

     This would involve:

Brand Research - to see what targeted or current and potential customers want, need and expect from you, as well as their current impressions of your products or services

Brand Positioning Concept Development - to create a unique impression of your products or services in the minds of your target customer

Brand Creative Development - to show in symbols, words or phrases “create a unique impression...
influence the perceptions of your brand” what makes you unique and valuable

Brand Expression and Integration - to showcase your look, reputation and value to current and prospective customers, and to integrate your brand into all of your materials to ensure a consistent presence in the market.

Brand Maintenance - to monitor perceptions of your brand, offering continual improvements and protection against negative factors that can weaken it.

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